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I miss your posts. Post of you being cozy in your dorm and your thoughts whered you disappear to? I thought my dash felt empty.

D’aw lol don’t worry, I’ll be picking back up on my posts lol thanks for missing me though even though I don’t know who u are lol ^-^

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Most work by Darryl Gardner in Vancouver, with some by Nik Hnidy as well. Knees done by SmAshley in Montreal…


I understand the actual sentiment behind those kinds of posts but after seeing them a million times my brain over-analyzes and attempts to actually answer the question.

Reality is a monster living under your bed. They tell it like it is, but they’re not all bad.


St Bartholomew, an early Christian martyr who was skinned. If you look closely, you’ll notice that’s not a robe, but actually his removed skin hanging around him. by Marco d’Agrate, 1562 (Duomo cathedral, Milan-Italy)

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